The Kanon for Tennis

The tried and tested original Kanon machine has earned world wide acclaim since its introduction in 1975. With a Kanon automatic ball machine a beginner can quickly master the basics of tennis. More advanced players can programme the machine to simulate and practice a wide variety of game situations.

Variable Frequency

Balls can be delivered at intervals of 2.5, 5,7.5 or 15 seconds.

Variable Velocity

By the adjustment of a simple control on the barrel, ball velocity is infinitely variable
from 10km/h (6 mp/h) to 120km/h (74,5 mph).

Variable Elevation

The adjustable barrel allows deep baseline drives to high lobs.

Automatic Variable Oscillator

The machine will direct balls at random or at a pre-selected spot while maintaining
constant power and length.

Spin Adaptor

With a simple setting, the adaptor adds side to side, top to bottom spin to the ball.
It can also be set to deliver a slice in either backhand or forehand.

Serving Simulator

To practice return of service.

Cordless Remote Control

To start and stop the ball feed from anywhere on the court

Optional Extra: Ball Pick-Up Basket

Holds up to 80 balls
Lightweight & easy to use
Quicker and more convenient to reload your KANON